…Such a wonderful surprise to have them back that early, gems all replaced, secure, cleaned and polished. Amazing work and very reasonable pricing. And the most important is the peace of mind that they went from my hands to his and back to mine…” G.H.

All work and jewelry repairs are completed in-house.

Jewelry Design

If you are looking for an engagement ring or a unique personal gift, why not have a piece of jewelry designed from the ground up. Alternately you may have a selection of jewelry you no longer wear and want to have something new designed to accommodate your gemstones. Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea and are looking for inspiration, I will be more than happy to guide you through this fun process.

Jewelry Refurbishment

Sometimes an item of jewelry just has too much sentimental value to have it melted down and the stones repurposed. Perhaps your jewelry needs new claws or the shank replaced, in most cases the jewelry can be repaired and refurbished to give the wearer confidence it is structurally sound and can be worn daily again.

Ring Sizing

The single most common jewelry alteration. An ill fitting ring can be frustrating. Too loose and you might lose it, too tight and its uncomfortable to wear. Drop by in the morning and have your fitted ring back that afternoon.


Most white gold jewelry is rhodium plated. This is not a permanent finish and needs re-plating over time. I will clean and polish your jewelry before plating to make it look like new when it is finished.

Claw Re-tipping /Replacement

All metals will wear away over time, even platinum. It is important to have your jewelry checked once or twice a year to see if the claws are thinning. If the claws suddenly start catching, this is a good indication they may need re-tipping or even replacement if your jewelry had a bad knock. 

Cleaning /Polishing

Lets face it, wearing a piece of jewelry every day, its going to get dirty. This dulls the stones and stops them doing what they do best.. sparkle. Drop by for a cleaning and inspection of your jewelry, no charge (limits apply).

Chain Soldering /Catch Replacement

All chains will wear and eventually brake, especially delicate chains. This is typically a quick and easy repair. Catches wear too and the springs can fail after a while. I carry a selection of catches in stock, if I do not have exactly what you need I can order it in within a couple of days.

Stone Re-setting /Tightening

Gemstones in jewelry can loosen with wear. If the claws are in good shape this is usually a straight forward and quick repair. If you are lucky to find a stone after it falls out of your jewelry, I will also be able to set it back in place for you.

Stone Replacement

If you were unlucky and lost a stone, I will be more than happy to help you source a replacement and re-set it in your beloved jewelry.

Rebuild /Replace Ring Shank

It is common to see much loved and worn older rings with very thin shanks (the ring portion running around your finger). In most cases depending on the condition of the rest of the ring, this can be replaced and renewed with a thicker shank.

Pearl Stringing /Glueing

Pearls are traditionally strung with silk. This can break after much wear. It is also nice to have a freshly strung strand of pearls, you can wear with confidence. I can evaluate the condition of a string of pearls and let you know if stringing is necessary. For other items of jewelry I can also re-glue a pearl that has come free from its post.

General Repair & Maintenance

It is important to have your jewelry cleaned and inspected regularly, every six to twelve months. This is the only way to catch much needed repairs before they result in the loss of a stone or even the entire piece of jewelry.  


Just drop by with your jewelry and I will let you know exactly what it will cost.

I give exact no obligation quotes before going ahead with repairs. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about jewelry maintenance and repair.