About The Maker

My Journey

I have been a goldsmith for almost twenty years. Having always loved creating with my hands, I experimented with a variety of mediums but it was metal that captured my interest. I pursued an apprenticeship and after knocking on many doors I began working at a jewellery manufacturer in Dublin, Ireland.

By my second year I realized my training was not advancing as fast as I would have liked. Needing a more intense learning environment, I began working at a casting house, apprenticing as a master model maker. Not long into this apprenticeship an opportunity arose to complete my training in the Jewellery Skills and Design Course at the Craft Council of Ireland. This was the training I had sought out and gave me the skill sets that ultimately lead to an apprenticeship in Germany under a Master Goldsmith.

Shortly after completing my apprenticeship I moved to Canada and began working at a number of high end jewellery stores in British Columbia and Alberta. I set up Marcus Ó Broin Jewellery to provide hand made custom jewellery to retailers. Based on the success I have had, setting up my own store was a natural progression.

Birthstone pendant in white gold.
Half bezel set diamond engagement ring with wedding band in white gold.
Rose gold matching his and hers wedding rings with brushed finish.

My Work

I take great pride in my work. I understand how much a piece of jewellery can mean to the beholder and firmly believe every piece that leaves my workshop, from an elaborate engagement ring to a simple chain repair, deserve the utmost care and attention.

As a designer and maker, creating a piece of jewellery that can have such significance in someones life can be very rewarding. What I hope to communicate to my clients throughout the entire experience is that at the end of the process, when they are presented with the piece, they are entirely happy with the quality and design.